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You may now book Colon Hydrotherapy, Ionic Detox Foot Bath, Frequency Therapies, and Oberon Scan sessions online
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to schedule a speed sauna or ear candling appointment, please call us at 702-388-4124*

We will no longer be offering the Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber, V-Steam, Full Body Sauna, Coffee Infused Colon Hydrotherapy, or Reiki services, all of our other services are still available

We are here
for you! 
Accepting appointments: 
Mon -Fri
We are open on SUNDAYS by appointment only


 we take our last GUEST at 6pm
Holidays hours May be affected
hours differ for Oberon/Zapper services


There are no refunds on any packages or individual services

     Please see our policies tab for a complete list of contraindications 

Colon Hydrotherapy Sessions

  • Colon Hyrdotherapy Sesssion $85

  • Oxygen Infused Colon Hydrotherapy $100

    •  $15 add on to regular colon hydrotherapy session

  • Package of 4 Colon Hydrotherapy sessions $320

    • Packages will expire 1 month after purchase date

    • There will be no refunds on any packages or remaining services


**It is recommended that you do a total of 4 sessions to start you're Colon Hydrotherapy Journey. 

We recommend that you start with a series of 2 sessions per week for 2 weeks. For those that are Irregular, more sessions may be reccomended.**

Ionic Detox Foot Bath $55

  • 40 minute session

FAR Infrared Speed Sauna (Head Out) $25

  • ​20 Minute Session

Ear Candling $40

  • 30 Minute Session

"minor"Wellness Package


2 oberon scans (2 hrs each)

All In 1 Treatments (Zapper, Plasma Generator, and Magneto Therapy)

*Package expires 60 days from purchase date*

Frequency Therapies

  • Zappers ( 1 hour) $40

  • Magneto Therapy ( 1 Hour) $40 3hr min. for best results 

  • Plasma Generator $40

  • All 3 In One (1 Hour) $65

  • Oberon Scan (2 Hours) $199

"major "Wellness Package $900

2 oberon scans (2 hrs each)

10 All In 1 Treatments (Zapper, Plasma Generator, and Magneto Therapy)

*Package expires 60 Days from purchase date*

Frequency Therapy Packages

10 Zapper treatments: $390

10 Magneto therapies: $390

10 Plasma Generator Treatments: $390

*expires 60 days after purchase date*


ALL booked appointments will
require a credit/debit card upon booking 
your appt.

applied to ALL NO SHOW/LATE
CANCELLATION if not cancelled 24 hours

Call to book an appointment

(702) 388-4124

©2020 Healing Waters

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