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Herbally Grounded


Herbally Grounded is a family-owned business established in 2004. We carry over 50 locally made formulas, more than 300 bulk herbs, thousands of natural products & we host monthly classes. Come by and check us out today!

After years of working through other companies to sell their precious herbal formulas, Angela and her husband Curt, crafted their own organization of talents to manufacture, sell and distribute the finest, freshest herbs and natural products available. People ask us why our formulas work so well. In part, it's due to the unique combinations created by Master Herbalist, Angela Harris and her insistence on using only high quality organic or wild-crafted herbs with no added fillers. No exceptions. In addition, to preserve the enzymes, oils, and nutrients in the ingredients, we use low speed, no heat encapsulation and infusion processes. The difference in the effectiveness of our formulas is notable.


4441 W. Charleston Blvd

Las Vegas, NV 89102

Call (702)-558-4372            


10345 S. Eastern Ave

# 150

Henderson, NV 89052 

Call (725) 203-1099

Herb Education:  Want to discover how to use herbs in the natural form or learn how to create your own formulas or even recognize herbs in nature?


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Call (702)-782-3211

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