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Our bodies are more than 50% water. Water is essential to our lives.
And nature gives us the best she has to offer – Mattoni.

  • 60 %the percentage of the human body that is made up of water

  • 77 %the percentage of an infant that is made up of water

  • 80 %the amount of water we have to drink

  • 45 %the amount of water we sweat or breathe out

  • 50 %the amount of water we drink, but lose through urine

  • The water in our bodies is an ocean of biochemical processes.

  • All harmful substances leave our bodies in the form of water.

  • We need to continually refill our bodies with water.

  • Water prevents us from overheating.

Mattoni Water


A lack of minerals, or absorbing the incorrect ratio of minerals, disrupts the balance of the human body.
Mattoni mineral water has a balanced ratio of minerals and is thus suitable for everyday drinking.

  • K POTASSIUM for muscles and brain synapses.


  • Na SODIUM for extracellular fluids.​

  • Mg MAGNESIUM for enzyme activities.


  • Ca CALCIUM for bones and teeth.

Mattoni .33l glass-                                  $2.00

Mattoni  Case (24 bottles per box) $33.00


Mattoni .5l  plastic-                                 $0.99

(There are 12 per a bag)

Available only at Healing waters 

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