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Restore Your Digestion Consulting


Are You Tired Of Dealing With...


Bloated Belly                Bad Breath                  Constipation               Inflammation               Excessive Gas              Fatigue                  Food Sensitivities         Allergies & Asthma    Brain Fog                  Irritability                       Abdominal Pain          Depression          Chronic Headaches     Tension                         Leaky Gut                  Irritable Bowel              Nervousness/Anxiety                                    Blood Sugar Imbalances 


Instead, Do You Want To Experience --

  • No more constipation, pain, inflammation, gas, bloating, heart burn or food sensitivities.

  • No more popping pills and supplements to cover up the pain or navigating around a list of foods a mile long that you regrettably can no longer eat.

  • Have plenty of energy to get through the day by fully nourishing yourself without it consuming your day.

  • No more limiting social activities and meals with loved ones because you don't feel at your best physically or emotionally.

  • No more waves of heavy emotions dragging you down, driving you to reach for those unhealthy comfort foods to numb out the pain and despair.

The Problem Is --

Because of our stress driven lifestyle and unhealthy diets, it's estimated that the digestion of 80% of Americans is impaired and damaged. This means that your stomach and intestines are not functioning at their best to digest and assimilate your food.

When this happens, these are some of the things that you will experience regularly: belly bloat, constipation, excess gas, inflammation, acid reflux/heartburn, irritability and anxiety, depression, headaches, brain fog, fatigue and low energy, irritable bowel, food sensitivities, issues with weight,  blood sugar imbalances and leaky gut.

This is a loud warning signal from your body that you need to correct this.

Because if you don't, the health and functioning of your GI tract will only continue to degenerate, causing much serious conditions like diverticulitis, Crohns disease, ulcerative colitis, colon cancer, autoimmune disorders and diabetes.

This is something you need to take seriously.

Temporarily eliminating a few foods from your diet and endlessly popping pills and supplements to keep the fires of inflammation at bay, thinking that this will compensate for unhealthy habits, and eating foods and drink that you know are not good for you, just so you can continue justifying to yourself and denying that your digestion has become compromised -- DOES NOT WORK.

What Do I Do?

I help individuals with an agitated gut and impaired digestion, brought on by situations like unsatisfying jobs, fast paced lifestyle stress and relationships that they can no longer stomach ...

To finally release those jumbled emotions, finally find peace and restore their gut without wasting any more time, money and energy on pills, diets and protocols that don't work.

The Good News Is –

It's not about whether you can do all of this right now, or have the confidence and belief in yourself that you can heal your gut naturally.


It's about whether you can take 1 step now, learn as you go, follow simple step-by-step instructions, and trust the help you get along the way..

Success Comes From A Plan

Would you like me to give you a plan to restore your digestion, so it is calm and strong? I'm happy to help you develop a plan to –

1 – Have plenty of energy to get through the day by fully nourishing yourself without it consuming your day.

2 – Confidently socialize with loved ones knowing your gut is quiet regular and happy.

3 – Manage stressful situations instead of eating them away with sugary and salty comfort foods.


This way you'll be able to have the confidence and clarity to know how to care for your digestion without confusion, or doubting and exhausting yourself trying so many things that don't work.

There's a pretty good chance that you struggle with keeping on point with your diet and self-care to avoid painful gut issues, and knowing that you have the confidence, tools and knowledge to permanently reverse them.

Here's What's Possible For You

  • Happily eat foods you love, free from the fear that doing so will bring on painful repercussions.

  • Enjoy a calm and healthy gut with regular and strong digestion – no more guessing about what to do.

  • Enjoy eating out again, easily and quickly ordering your meals.

  • Consistently experience a clear mind and peaceful emotions – no more nervous tension sitting in your gut.

  • Confidently have the energy to socialize and exercise, loving how your body looks and feels.

  • Empowered to know and apply the natural laws of health, to know what your body needs from you and how to care for it.

Here's What You Need To Win –

  • A strong commitment to your healing

  • The willingness to learn and do the things

  • The right help

Schedule a Digestive Wellness & Lifestyle Consult

If you can say yes to all this, then schedule a Digestive Wellness & Lifestyle Consult, where I'll help you –

            1 – I'll talk to about what your biggest challenges with your digestion right now.

             2 – I will help you solve it.

             3 – Layout a step-by-step plan as to how you can reach your end goal without wasting any more time, money and energy on pills diets and protocols that don't work.


I"ll put a plan together that I know will help you --

  • Recognize the worst foods currently in your diet, causing belly bloat, pain, inflammation, constipation and food sensitivities and what to eat instead.

  • Simple exercises to manage stressful situations instead of eating them away with sugary or salty comfort foods.

  • Lifestyle activities that you can easily add into your day that support your body in generating the most energy, health and vitality for you.

  • An effective method to finally experience relief from constipation without laxatives.

  • Solutions for quick, easy, nutritious meals that satisfy you instead of defaulting to greasy fast foods or frozen meals in a box that are devoid of nutrition.

Schedule Your Digestive Wellness & Lifestyle Consult Now by Clicking This Link Here. 

Who Is This For?

I only work with individuals who are --

            1 - Done trying things that don't work

            2 - Who are committed to making themselves a priority

            3 - Who are willing to change their habits and take full                                 responsibility for their outcome

So if you want to --

  • Happily eat foods you love, free from the fear that doing so will bring on painful repercussions

  • If you want a calm and healthy gut with regular and strong digestion

  • If you want to have the energy to exercise and socialize, loving how your body looks and feels

  • If you want a clear mind and balanced, peaceful emotions


If you can say yes to all of this, then I'm happy to help you during a Digestive Wellness & Lifestyle Consult. Schedule your appointment with me today Here At This Link.

I have time in my schedule to speak with you about how you can apply these ideas to your life, starting today. Whatever your biggest digestive problem is, I know how to solve it.

Meet Loralee Humpherys

I am a Spiritual Health Coach, Colon Hydrotherapist, Massage Therapist, Reiki Master with experience in Meditation and Aromatherapy. I have done massage therapy and energy healing work for over 20 years. I developed the skill of sensing energies held within my client's bodies and assist them in releasing stagnant ones. This and many other experiences brought me to an understanding of the intimate connection between physical health, mental and emotional well-being.

My purpose is to expose and dissolve the deep seated social conditioning and beliefs that keep you feeling stuck and fearful, sick and diseased, and giving away your freedom and power. To teach you the Natural Laws of Health and the tools needed for you to heal yourself. I love to inspire and aid others on their personal growth and healing path. To grasp their great potential, know that they can heal themselves, and experience a fulfilling life of creativity and health.

I produce the Essentials To Heal Yourself podcast, where you'll learn insights into why our society is so dysfunctional, how to think differently about yourself and your body, and what it means to heal yourself and live in harmony with Natural Law.

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Are you ready to finally free yourself of painful digestive issues? End the struggle of feeling tired, inadequate, anxious, and feeling at odds with your body -- For Good?

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