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Experience In-Home Detoxifying Sauna Sweat in Only 15 to 20 minutes. Many integrative/holistic doctors use this sauna as part of patient treatment Discover Why the Amazing, Portable Relax Sauna Gets Rave Reviews 20,000 users and doctors in the U.S. 18th year of proven effective results, often quickly. 


Far infrared:More economical than wood saunas. Safer than public/gym saunas. 

* 600 Testimonials on Youtube Mention Help with These: 


* Aches/soreness, Acne/complexion, Arthritis, Autism, Burns, Carpel Tunnel, Cellulite, Clogged pores, Colds/flu, Constipation, Cramps, Crohn's, Diabetic ulcers, Fibromyalgia, Fatigue, Gout, Heart- circulation, Infections, Inflammation, Injuries, Insomnia, Lyme, Menstrual cramps, Mental fog, Neuropathy, Pain, Restless leg, Reynaud's, Sleep, Scars, Sinus, Stress, Toxicity, Weight, Winter chills (Your experience may differ. If you know anyone with these issues, please forward this helpful information to them. If you have health issues, contact your doctor. Ask if a sauna can be added to your treatment.) 

Sauna benefits: The many benefits of saunas are well researched and documented; refer eBook1, page 28. (Skip using if pregnant, inebriated or have deep cut or fresh wound.) Estimated over 500,000 saunas in fitness clubs / schools / homes in the U.S . Athletes Love the Sauna – Valuable Tool for Fitness, Sports, School Athletics A life changing product for most users. Use a 7 minute pre-warm-up of cold muscles with clothes on to reduce muscle strains/pulls (Sweat starts about 8 mins. Infrared goes through clothes.)


 *Recover quicker from aches, soreness, pains with 5 to 20 minute sessions. Ideally after exercise, a full 15 to 20 minute sweat session. Improve performance with increased flexibility, reduced sore-ness, pains, weight loss, better sleep, more energy and mental clarity from sweated out, reduced environmental chemicals. Gain a competitive edge. Golf, tennis, cycling, weight lifting, martial arts, bowling, swimming, soccer, skiing, basketball, baseball, football, track, hockey, speed walking, rowing, skate boarding, ballet, and gymnastics. 

-Testimonials by category: 

Now, if home bound, is opportune time for wellness program of improved diet, exercise, and sauna. Many possible benefits from high sweat sauna use. Refer eBook 1, pages 2, 3 for what’s possible. And pages 7.8. 

-Boost Your Immune System by Reducing a Lifetime Accumulation of Environmental Chemical Toxins that can imbalance the bodie’s chemistry. Refer to environmental toxin specialist, Dr Rogers and her book excerpts in eBook 1, pages 7, 8. Dr Rogers says that toxins can give the appearance of disease. Her testing has shown that far infrared sauna is the most effective tool for reducing environmental chemicals.



 -The toxins are eliminated in both sweat and urine. Thus a sauna becomes a lifelong, essential tool for optimizing wellness for everyone in a household. Regular sauna use may save on healthcare long term. Refer to this chemical exposure chart: Average person may ingest over 30,000 microplastic bits yearly likely hampering immune system function. Sauna may be the

best method to excrete plastics. A test of babies discovered 200 chemicals: Movie: ‘A Plastic Ocean’ 

-Types of Saunas: The three most common types of saunas are


-1.Steam rooms mostly in gyms. 

-2. Dry saunas also mostly in gyms with water poured on hot rocks or a stove


-3) Infrared saunas used largely in homes.

FIR= Far Infrared is the most effective at reducing toxins per Dr Rogers in eBook 1, page 7)  Infrared saunas are most commonly made of wood. However, the wood absorbs    some of the infrared reducing intensity.


 Users say it usually takes 10 to 20 minutes to warm-up and 40 minutes for full sweat. The face, eyes, hair can get uncomfortably hot, and wet. Many users have switched to the Relax Sauna because face, eyes, hair stay cool and dry. Heat-up 30 seconds in small tent; profuse sweating 15 to 20 mins. 


- Saunas are not intended to diagnose, prevent, treat or cure disease: consult your healthcare professional. Saunas are intended to help normalize and optimize functioning of the human body. Testimonials are unique to the speaker; your experience may differ. 

Beware low-priced portable saunas from China with usually inferior components. Most use an electric panel hung on the rear of the tent containing carbon to generate heat. Some use 20 feet inside of corrugated plastic. Relax users report there is less intensity, less heat. Some regret buying them. One lady ordered both a China sauna and Relax Sauna to test because both had a 30 day satisfaction guarantee. She said she returned the China one. It’s the ‘under-the-hood’ technology that matters. Relax company does not use primitive heating methods to save costs. 

-Many doctors / thousands of users have vetted the Relax Sauna and prefer it above all others for inducing quick profuse sweating which reduces chemical toxins. Hear first interview: www. tinyurl. com/EMFinterviews

First consumer write-up: www. tinyurl. com/RelaxSaunaReviews 

www. tinyurl. com/saunaDifferences

www. tinyurl .com/saunaCompare2 /saunaCompare3 42 testimonials mentioning other saunas (insightful): 


The only Medical Grade Portable Sauna. The SkyEye Overhead Lamp used by doctors/practitioners is FDA approved. Same technology in the saunas making them medical grade. 


The Relax Sauna is Unique and Patented in Several Countries. Inside the two generators (radiators) are 40 semiconductor chips, 20 in each, that weed out the less effective near and medium infrared energy. And they emit concentrated 95% far infrared for often fast therapeutic benefits in 5 to 20 minutes. Infrared is part of the sun’s spectrum of light; three types: near, medium, far with far being the most penetrating energy. Enthusiastic doctors and users love it. Questions: 


Phil Wilson has exhibited the sauna at medical, health, beauty shows since 2002. His mission is sharing beneficial advanced technology and help dealers do the same. (Dealer inquires welcomed. Full line of products at Shop page and end of eBook2). 95% of users or more say or will likely agree that the Relax Sauna is one of best products they ever owned, and should be in every home as an essential wellness tool. For practitioners, it creates usually more effective results, happier patients/clients and word-of-mouth referrals. It may help many issues; may reduce absenteeism from work and recover its cost over ten years, especially for families. Ideal for home, office, practices. 3 square feet. Portable in carry bag. Chair separate. One user ordered 10 saunas 15 years ago for himself and others. His is still running well. Great in-office employee benefit for 7 min. warm-ups with clothes to often help reduce aches, soreness, pain, headaches. (Sweat starts 8 mins)

Order Risk Free. 30 trial money-back satisfaction guarantee. 1 year full warranty. Repairs rarely and discounted. Delivery usually in 4 business days. Product life usually 10 to 14 years. Easy set-up and take-down. Comes with sturdy folding chair for up to 260 lbs or use your own. Carry bag for travel, 18lbs. Borrow a folding chair at hotels. Great for sports travel and to surprise relatives, friends with 7 minute sessions with clothes for aches, pains, arthritis and more.


Usage tips: Towel on seat and floor. Sweat /urine elimination of environmental toxic chemicals increased with drinking 8 to 16 oz. of water before & after. 


-Save $70 with Coupon Code 820 for Silver Sauna,

$1380 delivered in continental states. (Also for doctors/ practitioners for Lie-down Sauna,  $1255. And SkyEye Lamp, $1275)


For Black Sauna with heavier fabric and more silver oxide (that reflects, recirculates energy) save $150,

Code: 820 black, $1900.


*Users say it saves 2 or 3 minutes over the Silver Sauna on a 20 minute session. The effective Infrared Hand Lamp for targeted use, save $20 with Code 820 lamp, $245.

Dealers have option of offering a Coupon Code. Order with confidence, you/family will love it. Thoughtful great gift for those in need that will keep giving for years. Code is entered on the shopping cart page, left side, for adjustment before final approval page. Discounted shipping $25. Treat yourself /family to an awesome wellness tool. 

Please share this information with others in need. They can ask their doctor if an infrared sauna can be added to their treatment program as many doctors do. 


For questions or ordering assistance, contact your dealer.      


Order on-line: add coupon code at check out

see codes below:





Risk-free, 4 business day delivery usually. 20 min. sessions quantity rate 

Saunas are not intended to diagnose, prevent, treat or cure disease: see your healthcare professional. Saunas are intended to help normalize and optimize the functioning of the human body. Testimonials are unique to the speaker; your experience may differ. 

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