Reiki Energy Clearing

Session Pricing May be Discussed with Renata @ 702-525-9757

Meet - Renata, Master Reiki Instructor and Reiki Specialist

                                                          BENEFITS OF REIKI:   
1.    Promotes relaxation, healing and holistic balance. Relaxes even most resistant stressed-out and anxious intellectuals.   


2.    Balances your energies. Aligns, clears, balances and maintains healthy Chakra centers (we focus on the 7 major energy centers).   

3.    Releases and Removes energy blockages, clears lower vibrating energy (also called negative energy), removes Toxins and Impurities.

4.    Strengthen Immune System. Improves memory and clarity.

5.    Relieves and alleviates associated pain and chronic pain. Lessen arthritis pain and stiffness. 

6.    Supports, empowers and activates your body's natural ability to heal itself.   

7.    Reduces and relieves stress, anxiety and depression.   

8.    Promotes restful sleep and eases insomnia.   

9.    Helps heal and balance organs & their functions.   

10.    Heals and Maintains mental, emotional,  physical and spiritual well being.   


11.    Increases clarity, intuition and creativity.  Promotes relationships and family karma healing.   

12. Reiki Certification Trainings all levels I, II, Master III and Master Teacher IV available for your self-healing, your family and others healing needs.

13. Distance/Remote Reiki healing available

14. Animal/Pets Healing (in person or distance/Remote healing)


15. Negative energy clearing, energy balancing  and Reiki blessings in Homes, Residential & Commercial Estate & Workspaces.

16. Reiki can be combined with any other holistic and traditional treatments for better and faster healing results.


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